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Qingdao Maruoka Food Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in aquatic products, livestock processed products, vegetable products, condiments, dried fruits, grain and oil products, shaped packaging foods, import and export of goods, technology import and export, raw materials for agricultural and sideline products. The company's collaborative factory is equipped with advanced production and processing equipment and testing facilities, and senior technicians and R&D personnel. 

The production quality meets the Japanese food inspection standards. Serve our customers wholeheartedly and at the same time give consumers a safe and secure product. Welcome customers to visit us!

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    • Company Culture

      The company adheres to the quality as the core and pays attention to the product development and innovation. Looking to the future, combined with the actual capabilities and current level of the company and its collaborative factories, carry out and carry out medium and long-term enterprise development planning, new product development planning, modern management planning, total quality management development planning, technological transformation planning, production development planning and Other plans, etc.

    • Business Team

      Our team is technically at the forefront of the industry, focusing on the accurate representation of our customers' ideal products. Most of the employees have on-site production experience, and have research in production, technology, R&D and management positions, and can easily understand the customer's ideas, so we can better express the customer's intentions. We have our own professional R&D, laboratory and on-site management team to continuously improve the production quality and efficiency of the site, and better meet the customer's demand for products.