Frozen Breaded Horse Mackerel Fillet

[ July 10, 2019 ]

Mackerel (Mackerel), Japanese: あじ (アジ) also known as mackerel. Widely distributed in China's coastal areas and North Korea, Japan's coastal waters and other waters. This fish is a pelagic migratory fish that swims quickly, likes clusters and has a phototaxis.

Horse mackerel, scorpionfish, scorpionidae. The body is thick and flat, and has a spindle shape. The body is generally 20 to 40 cm long and has a body weight of 150 to 400 g. The head is large and the tip of the tip is conical. The eyes are large, the mouth is large, and the upper and lower jaws are equal in length. The teeth, the vomer and the cross bone have teeth and small round scales, and the back of the body is blue-black or dark blue. There are irregular dark blue worms on the horizontal lines of the pectoral fins on both sides, the abdomen is white and slightly yellow, and the pectoral fins are shallow. Black, the anal fin is light pink, and the other fins are pale yellow.

The horse mackerel plays an extremely important role in the world's marine fisheries. It is one of the world's main fishing species and has high economic value. The unsaturated fatty acids such as EPA and DHA are abundant and have been included in the future focus of China's offshore fisheries. One of the fishing and research objects. The distribution range of horse mackerel is distributed in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It has become one of the world's main fishing species. It has three major groups: the North Pacific Western horse mackerel, which can be caught in the South China Sea, the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. Atlantic horse mackerel, in the coastal groups of South Africa and West Africa in the withdrawal of Hala, Mauritania, Senegal; Chilean horse mackerel, also known as the southeast Pacific horse mackerel, has a long cylindrical shape, compared with the Chinese sea toads in the East China Sea. Thin and long.

Maruoka food processing method

At present, the company mainly processes the use of horse mackerel in the following ways:

Processed into canned food


At present, the demand for fish metal cans in the domestic and foreign markets has been sharply reduced, so it is mainly processed into soft canned products.

Raw fish → pre-treatment → pre-cooking, cooling, trimming → bagging → vacuuming → sealing → back pressure sterilization → cooling → preservation

Using a variety of different seasonings and pre-treatments, you can produce dozens of flavors of soft canned varieties, such as: spicy, smoked, salty, steamed, spiced and other varieties.

Processing into raw food

Raw foods such as sashimi are generally eaten directly after unsealing, so they attach great importance to the freshness, quality and health indicators of raw fish. Generally, the K value is below 20%. This kind of food is especially popular among Japanese customers, but it is still rare in the Chinese market. The production and processing of sashimi is as follows:

Raw fish → pre-treatment, washing → slicing one seasoning liquid impregnation → packaging a finished product → frozen storage

Raw food products mainly include sashimi and vinegar fish fillets.

Processing into frozen conditioning foods

The raw fish is processed, sliced, cut into strips or made into fish fillets. After seasoning, it is generally lightly shaped. After wrapping the bread flour, it is frozen and stored as a frozen food. It needs to be fried, fried or cooked. The processing technology is as follows:

Raw fish → pretreatment → laparotomy, deboning washing → immersion immersion → breading powder → packaging → finished product → frozen storage

The reason why frozen foods are popular is because they do not require pre-cooking treatment. They only need to be fried, fried or cooked before consumption, saving time and adapting to today's fast-paced life.

Nutritional value

Although the market price is not high, bamboo carp is full of high unit unsaturated fatty acids. It has PHA2877mg and EPA927mg nutrients, which can prevent high blood pressure and stroke. The horse mackerel has high protein content, rich hemoglobin content and medium fat content. In addition, it also contains more calcium, zinc, iron and vitamins A and E. There is a misunderstanding about living people. It seems that the less fat, the better the fish. Scientific experiments show that taking proper fish fat is good for people's health. The reason why the entrance to the front part of the tuna belly is normal is that because of the high fat content, the horse mackerel, like the tuna, contains two kinds of unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA and EPA.